Two Peas in a Pod


Tell us about your business

An independent health food store that seeks to supply and educate people with their diet and supplementation. We provide a wide variety of products that aid and assist in a vegan and vegetarian diet or for people who are seeking to eat healthier day to day.

How long have you been in Barnes?

36 years.

What do you sell?

Fruit and vegetables ,olive oils, cereals, grains & nuts, artisan products, supplements and high quality produce suitable for a vegan and vegetarian diet.

Who are your customers?

The full spectrum – 2 years old to 102 years young!

What's special about Two Peas in a Pod?

We provide specialist and bespoke knowledge to customers seeking help with their diet, or who are keen to know more about healthy eating and living.

What is your favourite spot in Barnes and why?

The common and pond are my very special places. The pond especially as 36 years ago I came here just before opening two peas in a pod for the first time.

What other businesses in Barnes would you recommend?

&Feast as they serve the best coffee. I have known the owner Adam and his family for a long time and they are great people who bring a brilliant vibe to the Barnes high street.

Have you been affected by the closure of Hammersmith Bridge?

Yes I think a lot of our customers are starting to shop locally.