Tell us about your business

A local community vinyl record shop, enabling local residents to sell and buy collections of albums of all genres and decades, except for classical music
In parallel, we are collecting some 900 albums recorded or mixed, wholly or partly at the olympic studios between 1966 and 2009, as well as peoples’ stories of the studios..

How long have you been in Barnes?

The shop since July 2018, my family and I since 1989.

What do you sell?

Vintage and new vinyl records, carry cases, framed photos of Olympic artists, Olympic studios art, typewriters, turntables ,amplifiers and speakers, branded slipmats and t-shirts and vintage memorabilia.

Who are your customers?

All genders, all ages.
12-25 band – starting collections, 26-45 band for their new turntable or their vinyl listening room and 46-65 replacing their collection lost in the last house move or divorce or to their children.
Our mission is to empty the attics of Barnes of their vinyl records and fill the teenage bedrooms.

What's special about Olympic Records?

We love to listen to your stories – the shop is a memory jukebox.

What is your favourite spot in Barnes and why?

.Seats F3 and F4 of the Screen 1 at the Olympic Cinema

What other businesses in Barnes would you recommend?

The Olympic Cinema restaurant, the authentic Italian pizza café in Church Road and Riva.

Have you been affected by the closure of Hammersmith Bridge?

Yes – less customer footfall, less car traffic, better air quality.