Enter the Escape to Barnes competition and you will get the chance to win one of 20 amazing prizes, the prizes will be awarded at random to twenty winners so the competition works like a wonderful Lucky Dip but you can read more about the details of the Barnes Fish Shop prize below.


Anyone who knows about fish, knows that the fresher the fish the better is the taste, and Michael who runs the Barnes Fish Shop ensures his fish is as fresh as possible. Most sea fish he sells comes daily from the rugged seas of Cornwall and doesn’t make an unscheduled stop in the freezer between fisherman and fishmonger.

Michael and his team can all advise on the best cookery methods for any type of fish and will also perform the all-important gutting, filleting and scaling for you.

The shop also stocks all sorts of lovely fishy extras – great smoked fish, brilliant fresh anchovies, Perard fish soup, dried and fresh herbs that complement fish and lovely sauces.

They are happy to order in special fish for special occasions and they can also deliver.

18 High Street Barnes SW13 9LW
020 8876 1927


The winner of the Barnes Fish Shop prize will receive a lobster. Please note the Fish Shop will need to be given two days notice to order in your prize lobster.

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